The Benefits of Reflexology

What can Reflexology help with?

Reflexology is totally non invasive so can work seamlessly along side conventional western medicine to help alleviate a whole host of ailments. Plus through the therapeutic relaxation of regular treatments, most clients see improvements over a course of four to six weekly treatments.

Many regular clients of Reflexology report a positive psychological impact on their wellbeing, with those suffering stress related conditions, fertility issues or pregnant ailments finding it particularly beneficial. So whether you come to Reflexology with a specific condition or just for general health and wellbeing, you can be rest assured that each treatment I provide will be of the highest professional quality focusing upon your specific needs at its heart. Not only that, I will continue to carefully monitor your progress at each treatment session to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment and care for yourself or your loved ones.

How quickly will I feel better?

After a treatment your presenting condition may be reduced and you should feel very relaxed. You might also notice you have better sleep, your mood is raised and sense of wellbeing improved.

Improvements progress with regular treatments but on an individual basis, as other factors (such as improved diet and increased exercise) may also need to come into play in order to obtain the full long term benefit.

I usually tell my clients that in order to obtain the most benefit from the therapy, we need to work together a team; I am the Navigator offering direction and assistance in gently encouraging your body back to homeostasis but you are the Pilot taking the positive steps between treatments to obtain your personal goal.