Reflexology for Babies, Toddlers and Children

Reflexology is great for babies, from trapped wind to constipation, coughs, colds, teething and of course sleeping! They’re incredibly receptive as they haven't built up years of stress and preconceptions upon things so will only need 2 or 3 treatments to gain the same amount of benefit as it would take an adult 7 or 8 treatments.

Lucky babies huh!

Whats more, reflexology can be performed on any age including newborns - although the depth and length of treatment would directly correlate with the age of the child with newborns given featherlight touches lasting for a minute or two.

But what happens if your little one is older or a little too wriggly for foot reflexology? thats simple as the baby reflexology treatments can be adapted for their hands instead! Plus with songs and games mixed into the treatment, your little one will look forward to their own special treatment..

So how is it done?

Babies and toddlers only need very short treatments so unfortunately it isn't cost effective to treat them alone as a mobile reflexologist, but there are two main ways your child can still be treated with reflexology.

The first way is to piggy back onto your own appointment whereby your child's consultation will be a part of your own and I will work on their feet either before or after finishing your treatment (whichever is more convenient) These sessions are generally very short, lasting a maximum of 15 minutes and therefore not very expensive.

Or alternatively, I conduct Baby or Toddler Reflex approved training courses either as a group or one2one in your own home. I will teach you how to safely and confidently treat your child using specialist Baby Reflex techniques and with a small (but inoffensive) assessment to finish, you’ll have the confidence to gently work the points of your little ones hands or feet enabling you to soothe and restore them to their natural giggly selves. I will include some reference cards for you to keep in a changing bag or purse (just in case!) and even a certificate of achievement to show your competency. This option is more expensive but excellent as a parenting tool as then you wont ever need a reflexologist to work on your babies feet again!.

Baby Reflex Course Breakdown


Great if you prefer that one2one tutoring in the comfort of your own home.

Course conducted over two consecutive weeks.

  • Week one 1 hour - theory then practical lesson with your child.
  • Week two 1 hour - extra emergency care points, practical with your child, recap of whole course and certification!

Group course

Great for getting an NCT or mums group together. Or come along to one of my organised classes and meet new people!

Classes are conducted over three consecutive weeks. Public groups held in a local venue, private groups in a parents home.

Each lesson duration 1.5 hours.

  • Week 1 - theory and practical lesson with your child.
  • Week 2 - routine recap, theory and practical lesson with your child.
  • Week 3 - extra emergency care points, recap of whole course and certification!

So contact me for further information or check here for the next available public class in your area