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Thank you for booking your reflexology treatment with us, we hope you find an appointment that suits.

Due to the specialist nature of some of our treatments, we like to have a phone call with the respective client before booking, therefore the following treatments listed below cannot be booked on line, but please email or phone if you would like any of these treatments and we will gladly book you in.

  • Home based reflexology both standard and senior
  • 40 + week induction treatment
  • Baby reflexology group class
  • Hand reflexology

Clients wishing to book for Sophie Tsavalos's - Yoga Retreat. 19th October 2019:

Please use the booking appointment tab below and click in the menu bar on the top left hand side of the page,

Then click 'Book Class' to access the appointment times for this exclusive event.

75 Cyprus Road. Faversham. ME13 8HD


We regret that there will be a full consultation charge for any cancellation made within 24 hours of when the appointment is due.